Cam Murdoch

rapper - producer - singer - songwriter

paisley by Cam Murdoch

Following the release of singles “Deja Vu” and “Overdrive,” rapper Cam Murdoch has taken the next step in his growing career with his debut, full-length album, Paisley. A collaborator at heart, Murdoch has teamed up with other creatives to develop an experience that includes: the album, a short film, and apparel.



Directed by Dawit N.M.
Cinematographer: Victor J Collins
Music: Cam Murdoch
Produced by: Cam Murdoch for No Preserves
Paisley: Mahala Lepsch
Figaro: Ethan Edward





Eclectic can best describe Murdoch’s sound with influences ranging from house music to r&b to dancehall to hip-hop. Paisley is a true testament to that fact with tracks like “Deja Vu,” bringing in an Afro-beat, dancehall flavor, while other tracks like “Good Intentions” introduce energetic sounds of EDM.

Much like Murdoch’s music style, he has proved himself to be a jack-of-all-trades with various titles working as a producer, vocalist, rapper, and entrepreneur. The first track, “Natural,” highlights this grind with a layback delivery of lines like, “I’m a work of art / You a poser / This a still life / Better be surprised when you see me out in real life / I’ve been working so hard / It don’t even feel right.” But Murdoch also warns listeners that life and relationships can quickly pass you by when your focus is solely captivated by desire of ambitions. “Late” expresses this warning claiming life to be a double-edged sword with the lines, “I cheated on her with life and came back running / Left to find myself and came back with nothing.”

The Minneapolis-born, but Virginia representing, artist has been in the game for a decade now, and has the experience to prove it. Influenced from a young age, Cam Murdoch would go on to achieve goals that would span 7+ years. 2009 would see Murdoch booking his first headline show at Norfolk, Virginia’s, The Norva. Six years later, the ambitious artist would collaborate with fellow peer and musician, Masego, for the single, “Regular Guy,” followed up by the release of his EP, I Love Me Too, that coming year. Throughout this period, Murdoch would also go on to perform at major festivals such as Collegefest, SXSW, A3C, CMJ, NXNE, Voodoo Music Festival, and Orlando Calling. And when he’s not acting as an artist, Murdoch is busy running his music/media company, No Preserves. So no, Cam Murdoch shows no signs of stopping—Paisley is just another goal that continues to fuel the fire and determination within him.


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